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Miami Music School - Learn to sing or play an instrument

If you like Music, perhaps you or your children would like to learn how to sing or play an instrument. It is easy to arrange music lessons, including vocal coaching at the respected Miami Music Academy known as Crescendo Music Center. Whatever type of musical tuition you are looking for, the expert staff at Crescendo Music Center can show you how you can take advantage of this wonderful opportunity, starting today!

This prestigious Florida music academy, offers classes in a variety of musical instruments in addition to specialties such as Voice, Theory and Ear Training , Solfege, Music History, and Chorus.


Crescendo Music Center offers both private and group instruction. Students of all ages have the opportunity to participate and perform with a range of different music ensembles within our music school community. These include a Latin ensemble or Jazz ensemble, and a Chamber music ensemble.

If your preference is for private music lessons, you can arrange to learn Piano , Violin , Voice , Guitar, Bass, Viola , Percussion (Drums) , Flute and others.


Our Miami music school makes it easy for anyone in your family to learn and expand their musical skills. Our highly experienced music teachers are bilingual so lessons are offered in both English and Spanish.

Learn Performance Skills with Regular Recitals

This family run music academy is located in the city of Miami and has provided expert musical tuition for children and adults for many years. Crescendo Music Center and its experienced music teachers are well respected within the city's music education sector and as a result, students enjoy outstanding opportunities to participate in prestigious competitions and music programs.


Regular recitals provide students with the perfect opportunity to enhance their performance skills in front of a real audience.


Preparation for Higher Learning in the Field of Music

The school participates in the National Federation of Music Clubs Adjudications held once a year at the University of Miami. The students are evaluated for a level placement.

Our highly qualified music teachers also have years of experience in preparing students for entrance auditions to Magnet Programs and Colleges.


This well established Florida Music School offers both private music lessons and group instruction for students of all ages.


The very youngest students begin learning with our Introductory Music program, specially designed to meet the basic needs of new music students. Crescendo Music Center ensemble programs enable students to participate and perform as part of an established music ensemble. These include Latin Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, and also a Chamber music group.


Si le gusta la Musica y desea que sus hijos o usted aprendan a cantar a tocar su instrumento favorito, la Academia de Musica Crescendo Music Center en Miami Fl, le ofrece ahora esta oportunidad.

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